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(Baltic Mythology Park)

The aim for building our Educational paths is to showcase Baltic (
Aistian) original architecture of the universe and the world through images (sculpture) and sound (singing and story telling). According to the latest findings in Baltic mythology, science and ethnic culture, the old Baltic religion is not idolatrous: it is based on one God (monotheism) surrounded by deities who give substance to life, both spiritual and practical, in the passage of time and in eternal relationship with Nature. We strive to show the old Baltic worlds' openness to the modern European interpersonal values.
The path is located in a pyramid-shaped forest area. The layout of the paths is the horizontal projection of the topography creates a fusiform, which marks the framework of the World, the World Tree, the human way of life, the perception of space in Baltic model. The groups of trails consist of areas corresponding to the structure of the pantheon of the Baltic deities:
1. A- Earth (fertility, harvest, hunting, forestry, air, water, animals).
2. B- Mothers- the mother-oldest mythologeme (Latvian Mate).
3. C- Sky- God of the Universe, the Supreme (Augstėjas), temples of the begining and the end (Praamžius, Visadastis).
4. D- Home deities.
5. E- Underworld (
Vėlės, bildukai, relationship to evil, life and death).

A trinity of deities is surrounding the spindle: Perk
ūnas in Ramovė, Patrimpas in Earth circle, Pykuolis in Underworld circle.

In the central section there is a Kalendar (Rėda) circle with the paths of the seasons.
When you start a journey through the adventure trails of travelling deity Bentis and road deity (Kelukio) sculptures you will be blessed with success of Vilkas and then you get to the streight Baltic cross trail. Marine Bangpūtys will blow the wind of success. At the bottom of the dry lagoon children will be able to climb in the Laivas (ship) remains. The trail will take you to the sanctuary a place of peace and celebration where you will find the fire altar. However, the human way of life tend to be confusing, unlike the tree trunk of Gyvenimas (life).

If you want to know all of the Baltic gods who accompanied the ancient Baltic (Aistians) way of life from birth to Dausa (death), turn left into the Mėnulis (moon) path. You will go to the beginning of life- circle of the Earth, there you will meet Patrimpas having care of your existence in the fields and waters, wars and yield. Towards the Pavasaris (spring) path is going the Medžioklė (hunt) path where you can learn hunt and interact with the forest from various deitys. Walking the path of Vaisingumas (fertility) you will understand how the Žemė (Žemyna) (earth who feeds all the humans) with the other deities of fertility provides goods. And the goods are not coming without work, so in the Derlius (harvest) trail you will meet the deities who helps farmers produce abundant crops and save it. This includes the Vasara (summer) path, as the beginning of harvest time. Now we come to "Latvian Mate" system where are the oldest Baltic deitys- Mothers. Daily work and struggle to survive did not overshadow the goal to honor entities, providing gifts of God. Like that you will arrive to the Ramovė (the sanctuary). Above the Ramovė, sanctuary of God, you can see the mountain on which Praamžius (Augstėjas, Visadastis) followed by the sky celestials Saulė (sun) and Mėnulis (moon) keeps Dangus (heaven) and Žemė (earth). You can reach them also by the Saulė path. Indraja, Goddess of the sacred water connects to Dausa lake. Now you can return on the Ugnis (fire) path to the Home area, and bring home the holiness of heaven, the heat of the fire of Gabija, the harvest of Skalsa, the love of Milda and Aušautas help to live healthy. Unfortunately, Gyvenimas (life) path is not eternal. In Vėlės (ghost) path you will know Laumė temptations it will lead you toward Požemis (underworld) circle, where with the bag is waiting Pykuolis (Patulas, Pikolas). The bridge to the exit is guarded by beasties Pokulas. There you have to be careful of Yvulis who calls the feared Giltinė (death). After a successful way of life, the Mėnulis (moon) path will take you to the exit.

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